I had this hilarious little postcard with a turkey sitting at a desk and on the phone saying “ No, November is a really bad month for me”! I thought is was sad and adorable at the same time!


But oh how delicious!  A and Lincoln (Our pup) get super exited for the Big T day! I cooked no less than 4 turkeys this week! The Holidays are always a great time to be Loving and Grateful, and also to give back, the problem is everyone is usually super busy with friends and family on the big T Day!

As we all know, I love to cook and to invite a bunch of people so they can check out new recipes or interesting flavor I am putting together : Like some rosemary waffle or something! So I told A “why don't we invite a few friends on Saturday at 3 pm for "Thanksgiving the return” darling?

He thought it was a great idea and let me put things together…et Voila! The thing was: (It was just a text since extremely last minute) "Happy Thanksgiving Holidays! Would you like to come spend a chill afternoon with Andrew and After the Turkey family day? 3pm Saturday, delicious food, cocktails and such. Let  me know if you have family in town and would like to bring them”.

It's so wonderful to share the love. Also since I wrote a Happy Healthy Holiday Cook book, i have lots of great recipes with also about 10 new ones I wanted people to check out! The house was beautifully decorated with orange and yellow awesome flowers, and the matching candles!

We ended up at the Malibu Pad with a DJ and a bartender and….about 80 Guests! It was a blast and for the first time ALL the food was gone! I overheard some peeps say: I did not eat much at Thanksgiving because I knew I was coming here for my splurge day! So fun.

BTW: If anyone has wonderful family recipes for XMAS and would like to share them that would be amazing.

With Love And Appetite, Always

PS: Stay “posted" for my Birthday week in Paris :-)