Cooking day with Mauricette  (Call me Mau-Mau!)

When: Saturday the 26th of May 2018
Where: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, South of France
What: Mediterranean Cooking Lesson!

Mauricette is our friend Julien’s grandmother and she was kind enough to spend the entire day teaching me how to make classic Mediterranean family recipes. Mauricette wrote a cookbook for her son Chris, Julien’s dad, who had said: Before you leave this earth  give me a “recueil” (collection) of all your recipes please! He wanted to memorize all her fabulous dishes. She worked really hard to put this “recueil” together for him, mostly during the night because she had a “day job” at that time. (She was worked with handicapped children, just like my grandma!!) In secret, she decided to “put this cookbook together” before Christmas. She did it in a month, the recipes are written by hand, “a al main”, with pictures cut out, and the 24th of December she was able to lay the cookbook under the Christmas Tree! She gave me one of the copy (HA!) and I feel truly blessed to have spend this day with her learning, cooking and mostly laughing. We have a date for October for different recipes.

We cooked at Julien’s house, our friend in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. He and his wife Caroline have the cutest little boy: Petit Louis who helped us cook that day! So glad to have help!!! (He was amazing!) That day we made:

1.    La Pissaladière a l’oignon (Onion pizza from the South of France, normally with olives and anchovies). We make our own crust!

2.    Les poivrons a l ail et aux anchois. (Sautéed bell -peppers with garlic and anchovies.)

3.    Les Beignets de fleurs de courgettes avec leurs sauce tomate. (Friend zucchini blossoms with their tomato sauce)

4.    “Fais maison” Raviolis de Mau-mau a la “daube”. (Homemade stuffed raviolis with a veal and spinach stuffing!)

Hungry yet? I will write a very detailed blog about each of the recipes she shared with me!

Here is Mau-Mau, Petit Louis and I making batter:        

These are Zucchini Blossoms. We made a secret recipe batter and fried them! YUM! 

We made the pastry “rest and rise” in the only room that was warm and humid lol!