Poached Pear in Green Tea with Melted ChocoNuvo

Servings: 4 • Prep time: 30 min. • Cooking time: 20 mins. • Medium

In France this classic dessert is called “Poire Belle-Hellene” and was invented by Escoffier in 1864 for the Opera L a Belle Helene by Offenbach. They are usually poached in vanilla sugar syrup, so it was wonderful to make them with Andrew’s green tea which is packed with polyphenols. And still such a tasty dessert! I tried a few different type of pears and, as long as they are ripe but firm, they all worked. The melted ChocoNuvo is very creamy and goes perfectly with the flavor of tea. They serve this desert with ice cream in France but I think little whipped cream goes a long way!

2 beautiful pears with stems
¼ cup sliced almond, roasted
12 raspberries
4 pieces ChocoNuvo

6 cups water
1 vanilla bean
3 bags of Andrew’s Own Sencha Green Tea
1 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. sliced ginger (optional)

1.     In a large saucepan over high heat, bring water to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer. Scrape the vanilla bean, and place the contents and the bean in the water along with the tea bags, honey and ginger slices. Let steep for 10 minutes.

2.     Peel the pears.

3.     Keeping the stem, carefully cut them in half lengthwise and remove seeds with a small melon scoop.

4.     Cut a piece of parchment paper into a circle the size of you saucepan (I fold it to make cut easier).

5.     Place the pears in the steeping water.

6.     Place the round piece of parchment paper on the top of the water to keep pears from coming up to the surface. Poach over low heat for 20 min.

7.     Melt the ChocoNuvo in the microwave for 2 minutes stopping to stir a couple times.

8.     Place half of a poached pear on each serving plate.

9.     Drizzle about a teaspoon of ChocoNuvo over the pear halves.

10.  Sprinkle roasted sliced almond over them and decorate with raspberries.. “MIAM” as I would say in French (YUM).